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We clean your (Carpet, Rugs, Sofa) at home


Minimum call out £75

    Carpet & Stairs

  • Small (Box room) £19
  • Meduim (Bed room) £29
  • Large (living room) £37
  • Regular staircase £35


  • Armchair £35
  • Two seater £45
  • Three seater £55
  • Corner sofa £95


  • Small (rug) £22
  • Medium (rug) £25
  • Large (rug) £45

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Reasons why you might need Our services

  • You are moving out of a property and you would pke the carpets / rugs / upholstery cleaned to get your deposit back.
  • You have moved into a property and the carpets/ rugs / upholstery are dirty or stained from a previous tenant.
  • Your carpets / rugs / upholstery are generally grubby and you would pke the freshened up.
  • You have pets / children and would pke your carpets / rugs / upholstery to maintain a high hygiene standard.

What Carpet cleaning kings will do for you?

  • Thoroughly vacuum the carpet / rug / upholstery. ( If necessary )
  • Our friendly technician will move the furniture.
  • Treat the carpet / rug / upholstery with anti-bacterial deodorizer killing 99% of germs.
  • Perform our deluxe carpet shampoo.
  • Use our specially designed brush on the carpet / rug to lift the pile. ( If necessary )

We take our credentials very seriously, so customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We want you to be as thrilled with the customer service you receive as you are with the job we do on cleaning your carpets.

Reasons why you should choose Carpet cleaning kings?

  • Our prices are fixed and do not change regardless of the size or condition of the carpet / rug.
  • Your carpets / rugs / upholstery will usually be dry in 2-3 hours. (this can vary)
  • This is a stress free process as our technician will move the furniture, vacuum the carpet...
  • We use child and pet friendly non-toxic detergents.
  • Your carpets / rugs / upholstery will be clean, fresh and smell fantastic.
  • Better value for money than renting a Rug Doctor and more effective than a Vax.

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